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“When you stand up and have great posture, you carry that into the world and it’s different from the slumped over victim pose, the downtrodden human.” —Nancy Haller, Feldenkrais practitioner and BFL program graduate

Feldenkrais practice is about more than posture, unless you take that as a metaphor for moving through life. How to do what you want to do better is the issue. Moshe Feldenkrais, applying his engineer’s training to the biomechanics of change, understood that when efficiency in motion increases, tension and pain decrease. The more comfortable you are inside your body, the easier you’ll be in approaching your world.

Feldenkrais is process- rather than product-oriented, rooted in the trial-and-error sort of sensory learning by which we all, as babies, originally started to move. So the biggest successes are the everyday experiences of feeling better when you finish a movement sequence than when you started.



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