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We access our "Somatic Empathy"

“Nobody is standing there saying, ‘No, no, no, you’re doing that wrong.’ Olivia’s positive feedback is a wonderful incentive for learning.” —Kaaren Grimstad, university professor

“You listen between the lines. So I started to value my thoughts a little more because I felt heard. And that gave me the sense that maybe I should start to listen to myself.” —Rebecca Strauss, subject of ‘Soul Survivor

Empathy has a lot to do with how Feldenkrais and Leadership Embodiment students are asked to relate to themselves, and with how I approach them. If the self-talk going on in your head is punishing, or the messaging from your inner teacher is pushy, you will not feel enough freedom to experiment. Watch a crawling baby's ease of exploration and you will have an inkling of Feldenkrais in action. Learning to center and shift your brain under pressure from a reactive fight/flight/freeze state to the zone or "flow" state is what Leadership Embodiment is all about.




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