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Leadership embodiment

How the way we sit and stand can change the way we think and speak.

Wendy Palmer's Conscious Embodiment has a new name: Leadership Embodiment! This title reflects more clearly the leadership and empowerment practices CE/LE encompasses which Wendy and Tiphani Palmer and faculty are now teaching globally in such places as the townships of South Africa, as well as England and the United States, and Bhutan! Olivia offers private and group coaching as well as Level I Leadership Embodiment trainings, see details at right.

Leadership Embodiment (LE), the ingenious somatic Aikido-based Mindfulness approach of Founder, Wendy Palmer, is a Brain/Body/Spirit Wellness Program which teaches you to develop presence, compassion, and confidence. You learn Mindful Movement and Concentration Practices you can immediately apply to your daily life. With these, you shift your brain out of a reactive, anxious fight/flight/freeze state to being in the zone or "flow" state, while you improve your mind/body/spirit flexibility, flow, alignment and core strength. You not only learn to move/shift out of these less desirable states, you learn how to regard them and experience them with greater detachment, aplomb and choice. You can also become certified as a Leadership Embodiment Coach.

For info: www.embodimentinternational.com


Leadership Embodiment Program Offerings

Change Your Brain, Reduce Your Pain and Lower Your Stress: Neuroplasticity in Action! classes based on The Feldenkrais Method®, Bones for Life®, and Leadership Embodiment.

Next class schedule to be announced.

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Leadership Emobodiment

Leadership Embodiment
Level I Training

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Saturday & Sunday, February 10-11, 2018
Saturday & Sunday, April 28-29, 2018
The Center at Westwoods
Returning students can repeat at half price! Come practice your LE skills with us!

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Private somatic coaching sessions in Leadership Embodiment also available by appt with Olivia Cheever.

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